Pros vs Cons of Working 12 Hour Shifts

In this video I discuss the Pros vs Cons of working 12 Hr Shifts


Getting Waitlisted! What To Do…

Depending on your area, it may be really competitive to get into nursing school. In this video I discuss ways to stay encouraged while you wait!

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Most Difficult Nursing Classes??

Anyone who tells you nursing school was easy is a LIAR!

No seriously. Lol. Nursing school was no joke. I remember coming across these 3 classes and they nearly knocked me off my feet.

In this video I talk about why they were difficult and what I did to pass them!

Study Methods:
* Med-Surg – Really good note taking!
* Pharmacology – Flashcards, flashcards and more flashcards!
* Mental Health/Psych: and Mental Health/Success Book –