A Typical Week As A Nursing Student

I attempted to film a really good “Day in the life” series from Monday through Sunday….. but I either 1) kept forgetting to record, 2) was too busy to record, or 3) was too tired. Since I started this journey, I’ve gone from working full time, to part time, and now I work per diem. I was superwoman for a while, juggling it all. But as time passed, school got harder so I decided to cut back a bit. In this week, I recorded a few clips so you can get an idea of what it’s like to juggle school, work and your personal life.


Getting into RN School

I get asked all of the time how hard was it to get into RN school, what school do I attend, how long did it take to complete my pre-requisites? I decided to launch a series of 3 videos explaining my 3.5 year journey transitioning from an LPN to an RN. From prerequisites, to picking a school, and the acceptance process… If you have any further questions that I haven’t discussed in the video, please feel free to contact me! I’m more than happy to help.

Step 1: Taking Prerequisites

Step 2: Picking a School

Step 3: Acceptance Process

Whats In My Nursing Bag?

Ever wondered what to carry around when you first start working as a nurse? Or better yet, ever wonder what you need to carry around when you’re working home health as a nurse? I started working home health again a few months ago because of the flexibility it offers while I finish school. Here I talk about what I carry in my bag that helps me out tremendously: