Studying for NCLEX with Kaplan, UWorld and Graduation

Can you guys believe I am so close to graduating??? I seriously can’t. I started off as a college dropout, then a waitress, then a model, and then I went to CNA school… THEN LPN School and NOW I’m finally graduating from RN school. I went through many different routes but I ultimately ended up right where I needed to be. The sky is the limit. God has made a way for me thus far, and I’m so thankful!!

In this video I discuss:
1. Upcoming Graduation April 2018
3. How I plan on studying for the NCLEX with U World and Kaplan?
4. Additional Study Tips

My Study Tools So Far:
1. Kaplan Live Review – Not sponsored! I paid for this with tuition costs and fees.
2. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide 5th Edition –
3. Kaplan Study Plan through the Kaplan Live Review –
4. Nurse Labs Cram Sheet –
5. Study Guide for NCLEX –



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