Get to Know Me! Q&A Video

Get to know me as I answer your questions in my very first Q&A video!

1. How do you feel now that you’re an RN, and when are you starting the BSN program? (0:42)
2. What did you use to study for the NLN? (1:16)
3. Are you single? (2:51)
4. How do you plan to manage family & work? (3:03)
5. Did you have to take any exit exams? (4:10)
6. Was nursing school really hard? (5:06)
7. Why did you become an LPN first? (6:26)
8. Would you ever become a travel nurse? (7:58)
9. Favorite place to eat? (8:19)

Study Materials Mentioned: * NLN – Saunders Comprehensive PN Book –


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